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Fixed Interest

           A fixed interest rate is an interest rate on the liability,such as a loan.A fixed interest rate may be attractive to a borrower,here who feels the interest rate might rise over the term of the loan,which is increasing his or her interest expense.

Definition :

         An interest rate which is a set,and will not change over a given period of time.Another name for fixed income investment.

Fixed Interest Engine

   An australian oriented front office portfolio management system,here mainly focussing on the investment manager equipping them with the tools required to manage portfolios with confidence and efficiency so as to meet their clients expectations are:

Dealing,Performance,Risk Management,Reporting,Compliance,"what-if" analysis.

Why Fixed Interest Engine

      The Fixed Interest Engine was developed in Australia by an Australian Fixed Interest Manager as an economical front office system, to manage Australian Debt Portfolios.The system is designed to accept almost all debt assets available in the Australian market is there to satisfy all market conventions.

Who should use the Fixed Interest Engine?

            The system is designed for investors managing Australian fixed interest or cash portfolios.It is particularly suitable for the Industry funds, non-profit organisations or insurance companies.

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